Another Successful Season for the Black and White

2017 proved once again that Coogee United are ESFA’s best, bringing home an impressive 10 trophies across all competitions. Coogee United are no strangers to success, topping the senior trophy tally in 2016 and did the same in 2017. August was a busy month with 14 of our 17 teams making finals series, with 8 making Grand Finals and 6 winning.

And whilst we celebrate our on field success, we also applaud a very successful season off field with a number of very well run events including our annual Presentation Night, and of course great attendance down at the Doncaster Hotel post game to celebrate the victories and commiserate the (rare) defeat.

Honor Roll:

Mens Championship: Grand Final Winners, ESFA Cup Winners

Mens Championship Reserve: Grand Final Winners

AA1A: Grand Finalists

AA3: Grand Finalists, League Winners

AA4: Grand Final Winners, League Winners

AA6: League Winners, ESFA Trophy Finalists

O35 Championship: Grand Finalists

O35B: League Winners

O35C: Grand Finalists

AAW2: Grand Final Winners, League Winners